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provides therapy, treatment and support services designed to help people better manage their lives and achieve greater satisfaction with themselves, their relationships, their families, and their careers.

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Our Psychologist

Petra Spletzer, Ph.D. is a Registered Psychologist who specializes in treating general depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and prenatal and postpartum depression.

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Are You Suffering from Depression?

Depression can make you feel like your life is spiraling out of control to a dark cold place.   Numina Counselling can help with therapy and counselling.

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Prenatal Depression

It’s a common belief that pregnancy “should” be a happy time for women. But what happens if it isn’t?  Depression is quite common for pregnant women and you do not have to feel alone. Nunima Counselling offers counselling for pregnant women who are not coping with life during a delicate time for both her and her unborn child.

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Numina Counselling  is a  leading provider of counselling, education and support services in Calgary and surrounding area.

We offer both personal and family support services to help people make positive changes in their lives.

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They are individuals, couples, and families who share a common goal; to positively change their lives.



Do You Suffer From Depression?

Counseling can help you explore underlying causes of your depression and help you get in touch with some of the unrecognized emotions that trigger your depression. As you explore these triggers and the behavior patterns that result, you can begin to feel better and change some of the patterns.

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Postpartum Depression

After having a baby, many women have mood swings. One minute they feel happy, the next minute they start to cry. They may feel a little depressed, have a hard time concentrating, lose their appetite or find that they can’t sleep well even when the baby is asleep. These symptoms usually start about 3 to 4 days after delivery and may last several days.

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Marriage Counselling

Many couples go to marriage counselling in hopes that the therapist can “cure” their marriage problems. This belief can create false expectations of what a therapist is actually capable of doing. When couples come into therapy for their relationship, they need to understand that it takes a lot of work–not just in the one-hour session, but also at home.

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Covid 19 Update
Due to social distancing guidelines set by Alberta Health Services to curb the spread of Covid-19, we are pleased to be providing online or phone counselling sessions, effective immediately.

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Exactly Why to Choose Numina Counselling?

At Numina Counselling all of us take being a clinical psychologist quite seriously. We fully grasp that truly when consumers are shopping to get a competent depression counsellor in Calgary these people require the finest. This is exactly why we all try to be the smartest clinical psychologist we can be inside Alberta. It's our determination to truly becoming the ideal that has won all of us extremely great regard here with our patrons.

As a competent depression counsellor in Calgary all of us in addition constantly aim to make time to unravel every one of our clienteles' inquiries with extreme diligence and devoid of judgment. All of us invariably make time. We all believe it's incredibly important to be sure that buyers really feel recognized and of course looked after.

Now there usually are not so many clinical psychologist that own the skill set combined with background to brand their business as being leader within their niche. Combine that together with our increased amount of purchaser services and we feel we're the best competent depression counsellor in Calgary inside Alberta.

Dying to start now?

It all gets going with a call.

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We are thrilled to explore all your present clinical psychologist needs in more detail over the phone or maybe by using e-mail if perhaps that is better for yourself. From there we can advise the choice that very best suits your situations goals. Learn precisely why people do refer to us as the top competent depression counsellor in Calgary!

Still Need Convincing? Additional Arguments Why Numina Counselling is truly A Calgary Based Marriage Counsellor

Commitment to Elite Excellence - A Calgary Based Counselling Service and A Clinical Psychologist In Calgary

Our loyalty to high quality is actually amazingly significant. When you are attempting to become a competent depression counsellor in Calgary or a competent depression counsellor in Calgary, there is certainly really not one other option but to do your level best possible in order to excel. If perhaps any particular customer calls for extra attention, we all afford that particular purchaser added care. Whatever's necessary to be confident they are pleased with us as a clinical psychologist. Just remember, we do work in most of Alberta, and so make sure you call.

Commitment - A Relationship Counsellor In Calgary and A Calgary Based Psychologist

Many customers have often described our services as a competent depression counsellor in Calgary, a competent depression counsellor in Calgary, a competent depression counsellor in Calgary and furthermore the greatest Alberta area clinical psychologist there could be! Honestly this won't materialise unless there is extremely diligent work plus resolve for your foundational consumers together with the top quality bestowed in your finished product. Anytime you might be shopping around to find a competent depression counsellor in Calgary, we all honestly believe that we are honestly the optimal choice. Contact Numina Counselling to look at your expections today! 403-819-5676.

Skill - A Marriage Counsellor In Calgary and A Family Counselling Service In Calgary

For any specific industry, knowledge is really a primary aspect affecting success. Whenever you're needing a competent depression counsellor in Calgary, well this fact is still more real. As a clinical psychologist, all of us will definitely show you firsthand how the end quality is definitely determined simply by the practical experience of the firm that you've been employing. The enormously huge magnitude of practical knowledge that Numina Counselling has got being a competent depression counsellor in Calgary, is simply the reason you actually should entrust us with your valued requirements. In case you're browsing for a competent depression counsellor in Calgary, trust in Numina Counselling. Ensure you communicate with us immediately.

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We will never get beat. Now don't pay outrageous costs because you did not consult with us. Positive you were told an untouchable value already? Why not be positively certain? Consult with us. You well may just realize that we're more suitable price. Numerous clients have previously.

Figuring out the right clinical psychologist to work with is a challenging venture. Otp for a thought out decision. Why not call all of us with actually zero requirement to recognize if we are in fact the very best clinical psychologist for your needs.

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