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The Importance of Optimising Emails for Mobile

In terms of improving user experience on mobile devices, email marketing is often overlooked but recently it has been gaining some attention.

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Econsultancy picked out a great example of how optimising email campaigns for mobiles can hugely increase open rates and CTR in their recent innovation report. To promote their new app, British Airways created four different versions of their email one for desktop, iPhone, Android and Blackberry and used their database to determine who should get sent which version. This created a more tailored experience for users, as they we're presented with content and links that we're relevant to the device that they use the most.

They reported that mobile open rates exceeded those of desktop users, in excess of 50% for iPhone and Android devices and the campaign generated over 250,000 [app] downloads, more than double the targeted number.

Richard Evans from Silverpop also mentioned optimising email marketing for mobiles at the iStrategy conference in Amsterdam this week. Fresh Egg blogged about the event, saying that a fantastic set of ideas and tips we're presented to make emails much more mobile friendly. These tips included paying closer attention to layout, button size and font size to account for fingers instead of mice.

They went on to say that less than 10% of companies tailor emails this way and are consequently missing out on connections to links.

Since 1 in 5 emails are now read on mobile phones, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to optimise their email campaigns for mobiles and tablets. Also, since most mobile email clients (particularly iPhones) have greater support of CSS than desktop applications like Outlook, designing great looking and user-friendly emails has never been easier.

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