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Take a look at that sentence. If someone said that 20 years ago, they...

Texting has become a huge part of the teenage lifestyle. Some would say it increases communication, and I agree. On a global level it certainly does. But when you think about communication with people you see every day, I think it doesn't.

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When you talk to someone, 55% of what they understand from your conversation comes from your facial expressions. 38% comes from your tone. That leaves 7% of what is taken away from your conversation to be the words you speak.

Let me give you another statistic. When you have a conversation with someone, only 20% of the words you say are remembered. But 90% of your tone and body language are remembered.

Now let's look at texting. I am going to say that 90% of what is understood from a text is the text itself, the other 10% can be inferred based on how quickly the other person responds to you, the time it takes from when you send a text to when you receive the next text. And yet humans only remember about 15% of what they read. But that's not all. When you get a text, you have no idea what the other person's body language or tone would have told you had that person been right in front of you when they said it. And, had that person actually been in front of you, you would have gotten almost 15 times as much information. And you would have remembered about 6 times as much information

So what's the point of this post? Well, what I have realized is that, when given the chance, skip the text. get that other 93% of information, and don't be forced to guess as to what the other person's tone or body language would have been.

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