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The best Apps hosted alternative.

Back in the day you used to be able to use your own domain name with Gmail and have everything fall under your domain name. Google has since discontinued this and now charges $5 per month per user for the service. Lucky for us there is an alternative and to be honest, putting all your eggs under Google might not be such a good idea anyway.

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Zoho offers a very similar service to Google Apps hosted. In fact, they are authors for some of the apps you use in Google Apps. If you're looking for web based email using your own domain name, but also want to use traditional mail clients such as Mail on OSX or Outlook, Zoho is the place to go. The cool thing is, they promise it will be free forever. You can setup 5 email addresses using the Zoho email service making it perfect for the small business types.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

My orignial thoughts behind using Google Apps hosted was that I could do everything using my domain name. My though was that I could get free advertising using "" everywhere. I could host my Youtube, Email, Google Docs, Google Calendar and even a blog if I wanted to, but it would cost me $50 a year. My concerns were, what if Google decides to hate on me and I lose access to everything? That could very well be which is why I switched to individual services.

The Alternatives

Use a gmail email address for Calendar, Contacts, Google+ and Youtube and keep a copy of your original content.

Use Zoho for email. They also have many other apps, some free, some page. At least here you can use your own domain name for your email and use it on your smartphone and desktop email app.

DropBox. You can share all your documents here. You can even access them from the web at any time just like Google docs.

Put your email address on your business cards and use that email for everything if possible. Free advertising!

The way I have setup thing is like this. I use a regular gmail account for my Google+, Youtube, Gtalk, Calendar and Contacts. I sync my contacts on my iPhone and on my Mac but I use Zoho for my email. I use the Zoho webmail interface if I am not at my computer but generally speaking I use the OSX Mail client. I then use DropBox to store my working documents which I can access from anyway.

So without spending a dime, I can do the same exact thing using Zoho and other services.

I'm still playing with Zoho mail because they support group contacts which means the wife and I can share contacts. My next thing to test is the syncing of contacts from Zoho, which from what I am reading is supported.

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