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The Advantages of Online Communities

Todays post is going to be about the advantages of online communities and what you can do to get the most out of them.

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For todays example I am going to use a forum that I regularly visit and take part in. The forum that I am talking about is Blog Premiere. The forum is owned by Jason TheUniversityKid. So why would you want to visit this forum and post? Well here is a list of reasons that I have put together for you.

1. Exposure - When people read you posts and take in your ideas they judge you on what you say. If they happen to like what you say or are interested in you they will often visit your site and become a part of your community. The more people the better right? Basically forums can be used to get you a decent amount of traffic . The amount of traffic that you will receive will of course depend on how big the forum is but any traffic is better then no traffic .

2. Relationships - When you join forums and take part in the online communities you will probably make some friends along the way. Who knows you may even make a rival or two as well. The point is that the more friends you have the more favors you will be able to ask for. Plus friends help friends out so they will make your life a he'll of a lot easier .

3. Reputation - This is a little bit the same as exposure but I think it deserves it's own listing. After using forums for a long time you will start to get some reputation amongst the blogging world. Why is this good? Its good because then more people will know about you. If it's a good reputation that you have then chances are you will get a good response from most people. Simply, youre opening the door for many new opportunities that are awaiting you.

4. Knowledge - If you have never taken part in an online community then you will be surprised on how much you can learn. If for example you go to BP , there is so much information on blogging it's unbelievable and it will only continue to grow. Knowledge is a great key to success and you need to know the latest tips and tricks. Forums are an excellent way to gain knowledge.

So to sum things up, Forums offer you exposure, Relationships with fellow bloggers, reputation and will provide you with knowledge. Put all these things together and you are off to a good start.

Forums and online communities will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in your niche. If you haven't signed up or are not taking part in online communities all I can say is that you are wasting valuable opportunities. Take part in online communities and help fellow bloggers. Its true when people say what comes around goes around.

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