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Waiting eagerly for Christmas.

Nora was waiting eagerly for Christmas. Well and why not, she would always look forward to this day every year. And now, it was just round the corner. Christmas meant so many things for this 7-year-old girl. It was all about fun and frolic, sharing, and caring, buying new clothes, chocolates, decorating Christmas trees and ummm..most importantly receiving gifts from Santa Claus.

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Now Santa was usually generous when it came to giving Nora what she wanted because Nora was a very sweet girl. She was very kind, obedient, truthful, and unselfish. But she had one big fault she always forgot what she was asked to do. She usually remembered getting her own things but when it came to others, she always forgot.

No matter how important the task was, her answer would always be, "Sorry, I forgot." When she was asked to give the tuition fees to her tutor, her mother would find it in her bag at night. If she was sent to the store to get something, she would return late, without the thing, but with her usual answer, "Sorry mom, I forgot."

Her father and mother talked the matter over, and decided that something must be done to make Nora more responsible.

Christmas was near, and Nora was busy making a list of things that she wanted Santa Claus to bring for her. "Nora, do you realise that like you, Santa Claus may also forget some of those things," said her mother.

"No mommy, he cannot," replied Nora; "for I shall write skates, violin, hair bands, earrings, pencil boxes, story books, chocolates and all the things that I want on this paper and that too in my best handwriting. When Santa Claus goes to my stocking he will find the list and after he has read through it, he will put the things in there."

She put her list into her stocking with great care, prayed diligently and went off to sleep. It was cold and Nora wrapped the blanket tightly around herself. She had a contented smile cause she knew Santa would give her all she wanted. Nora was up at dawn to check what was in her stocking. Nora's mother was working in the kitchen. She hadn't gone to wake her up as she knew what Santa Claus had done.

Finally she heard Nora coming down the stairs with slow steps. Slowly she opened the door and came towards her. It was so unlike the little girl. In her hand was the list she had made for Santa Claus. She put it in her mother's hand, while tears of disappointment rolled down her red cheeks.

"See what Santa Claus left for me," said Nora and handed over another roll of paper to her mom. Her mother opened the roll and saw that it was a list of all the errands Nora had been asked to do for the past six months and which she had never done. At the end of all was written, in bold letters, "I FORGOT".

Nora wept for an hour. To cheer her up, her parents told her that they we're all going to grandpa's place. There grandma had decorated a Christmas-tree just for her. Perhaps there might be something for her there. Grandpa and grandma we're so happy to see her. They hugged her and took her to the huge room where the Christmas-tree was kept.

And guess what! It was very strange, but on grandpa's tree Nora found everything she had written on her list. They we're either hanging on the branches or kept at the base of the tree. "Mommy, Santa did not forget me," exclaimed Nora.

And was she cured of her bad habit? Not all at once; but whenever her parents saw that she was reckless, they would say, "Remember, Santa Claus does not forget." And with time, Nora indeed got rid of her fault.

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