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Lincoln Road in Miami Beach: A Year-Round Attraction

Lincoln Road ranks high in must-see attractions while visiting Miami Beach. This pedestrian road is home to some of the best Miami Beach hotels as well as famous restaurants, shops, galleries, and unrivaled people watching. The walkway is 8 blocks long starting at Alton Road and ending at Washington Avenue, a very walkable promenade for anybody. Even if you are not used to Julys heat, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops, and galleries to get relief from the sun, grab a cold drink, and recharge.

Lincoln Road No Longer A Seasonal Tourist Attraction

Despite Miami Beachs history as a seasonal tourist destination, today it is far from that. Expect Lincoln Road to be popping with hungry patrons, eager shoppers, and people watchers year round. This month marks the beginning of a new tourist season in Miami Beach. While the snowbirds are back home and the Art Basel crowd is months away, Latin Americans from south of the equator fill up Miami Beachs hotels to escape their cold season, make an appearance at South Beach and hit the shops. Many Brazilians have made Miami Beach an annual visit and have helped transform Miami Beach from a seasonal tourist destination to an all year place-to-be. Come August, the Italian and French tourists will bring their Euro-style to Lincoln Road.

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Miami Beach Hotels Near Lincoln Road Provide Easy Access To Shops, Restaurants, Galleries, & More

If you are planning on visiting Miami Beach soon and want to be close to the action, consider lodging at Stay With Me at Lincoln for easy access to Lincoln Road Mall and for it's beautiful and unique apartment-style hotel rooms.

Feel like a local, discover as a tourist.

Available bike rentals make exploring Miami Beach a breeze and getting to your favorite shops, restaurants, and bars even easier.

All of the rooms come equipped with a kitchen; a perfect excuse to visit Lincoln Roads Farmers Marketevery Sunday between 9am and 6:30pm. Cook up a romantic meal with Miamis freshest and most delicious ingredients. After dinner, enjoy some wine in the hotels terrace while lounging on it's comfy hammocks.

To get the most of your stay at Lincoln Road make sure to check out Lincoln Road Malls website. It lists all the popular places to check out. Visit Stay With Me at Lincolns Eat, Play, and See pages for more ideas and information on where to go. Follow Lincoln Road Mall on Twitter for tweets about the hottest deals and while you are on Twitter make sure to follow Stay With Me at Lincoln on Twitter for deals, local happenings, and anything Miami Beach.

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