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Maintaining your garage

Organize your garage with metal storage cabinets

Undoubtedly, there is no space in your home more vulnerable to the chaos of clutter than your garage, especially if the garage often performs many functions including storage room, workshop, and the place where you keep your car, boat, or motorcycle. You will want to do some serious planning before you start organizing your garage, then the first step is to measure the amount of room that's available on your walls and floor for storage. With adequate floor and wall space you will be able to put in the kind of storage cabinets you will require, whether it's stand alone cabinets on the floor or cabinets mounted on the walls. Around a garage the most effective cabinets are built out of metal, as wood and plastic cabinets don't have the durability necessary for working in the garage. The decor of your garage isn't typically as big an issue as the interior designs in the rest of the house but that doesn't mean you have no choices other than dull, conventional gun-metal gray cabinets in your garage. Nowadays garage cabinets are built in a wide selection of styles and colors, and some of these wall systems are quite fashionable. The newer models of metal cabinets have a sleek, modular appearance, and those typically fit better with modern decor plans than the more ornamental traditional look. If you possess both the tools and the ability to put up a wall-mounted garage cabinet system, you will find it fairly simple, or get a professional contractor to do the work.

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Finding adequate space to store stuff we don't use is a never-ending challenge

Doesn't it always feel like there is not a lot of room inside your garage, no matter how roomy it might be? To rephrase Parkinson's Law, the quantity of junk we have expands to fill the room available to store it in. The next few recommendations could help with the challenge of too much stuff and how to expand the space to store it.

Utilize the space above as storage, seeing as there is usually more than adequate head room within a garage that can leave you quite a lot of space. Some of the easiest items to suspend from the ceiling are sporting goods such as snowboards, skis, kayaks, along with various light-weight equipment. Putting plywood on top of the ceiling joists will certainly give you still more area to save those "valuables" you seldom need to access. You could possibly buy hanging racks or platforms which can easily be raised and lowered utilizing a lever. These kinds of storage devices allow you to get bulky and cumbersome items up to the rafters very easily.

Make good use of the wall space by adding pegboard for hand tools, brackets for the larger garden tools such as rakes and shovels, shelving for containers and bulky equipment, and support hooks for that bicycle you only rode once and now is merely blocking the way.

Install storage cabinets to keep your stuff organized as well as out of view. You could still accommodate most passenger cars in a garage once you put in a row of cabinets along the side or rear of the space. You would gain a large amount of additional storage area, even if you must mount cabinets with a shallow depth. They also enhance the overall look of your garage, putting most your stored things out of sight and causing jealousy among your neighbors because your garage is so tidy.

When you are one of those who is fortunate enough to have too much money, give some thought to installing a vehicle lift. For families with more cars than garage floor space, an above-ground car lift would be the solution given that these systems basically allow you to stack vehicles on top of each other. Although it will be expensive, a lift could be the ideal solution for that classic car you only drive on occasion but need to keep in peak condition. By having one car up on the lift, the second one can be parked underneath it, although provisions will need to be made to keep oil and air-conditioner water from leaking on the bottom vehicle.

Could a garage sale be the solution? This may be the time to get rid of a few of your less valued possessions in case you have performed all of the above storage tips and still cannot find adequate space. Odds are there would be boxes in your garage which haven't been looked at in a long time, and hold things you no longer really need or want. Having a garage sale allows you to clean out your garage and generate a little money at the same time. Garage sale advice: as a person who has experienced plenty of garage sales through the years, the most important thing you must do is make the letters on your signs BIG! B-I-G, BIG! Folks driving by on a busy street will probably have less than a second to look over your sign so keep the information brief (use arrows, not addresses) and have I already mentioned this? write the words BIG.

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