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3 Twitter Marketing Steps That Drive Traffic

We've come a long way in Twitter marketing strategies in the last couple of years. Today it seems like all the big corporations are fighting it out for top spot in the limelight on Twitter, and leaving some smaller site's in the dust.

However you don't have to worry about your Twitter marketing anymore. If you have been having trouble with driving traffic from Twitter, then you're definitely not alone. There are millions of people just like you that have scratched their heads in wonder as all the traffic eludes them.

Never fear. We're going to remedy that today.

Building A Twitter Marketing Strategy That Works

You don't have to have a large following on Twitter to drive traffic. That is a common misconception that new site owners face every day. While having a faithful following is something you should be interested in pursuing, it's not necessary to have in order to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

What do you see the most on Twitter?

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Have you ever really checked it out closely? If you will notice a lot of the more popular bloggers are interacting and discussing things on Twitter, not just merely updating their blog post links. This is an important strategy to remember when you are trying to drive traffic.

Communication is key to build trust and integrity in both you and your blog with others. Tweeting and retweeting the people that you follow is also a must in order to start a relationship with that person. There has never been a time that someone hasn't started doing this that it doesn't get reciprocated at one point or another.

Interaction is the key to the whole platform. Try jumping in on a tweet chat whenever possible to get your name out there and get people remembering who you are. This can go a long way in the future, because the next time you post that update, that person will remember that you either shared, retweeted, or had a discussion with them earlier.

3 Steps For A Successful Twitter Marketing Strategy

Ok in order to build a great strategy for your marketing efforts you must have these three things implemented every day. Don't delay in doing these, because this is what will bring your blog to the forefront of driving steady traffic from this platform.

Step #1-Use Twitter Marketing Tools

This is probably the most important thing you can do for your Twitter marketing efforts. With certain tools you can see when the best times are to post, interact with other people, learn who is supporting and retweeting you, and a plethora of other helpful things.

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What this tool does

It's no question that you want more Twitter followers, and you want more people retweeting you, which means you need to be on everyone's radar all the time. But how in the world can you do that? You don't have time to stay on Twitter all day 24/7 creating updates! That is where this tool comes in handy! It allows you to build your updates right away and then it posts them at a recurring schedule all day and all night on a time frame that you choose. We recommend setting it up to post every 15-25 minutes. That way, you are getting the attention of people that you normally would have missed doing it by yourself.

Step#2-Using What Twitter Has Made Available

It's no question that Twitter, just like the search engine, has keywords that you can use in your social media updates. When you take advantage of using these certain keywords in your posts, then you are going to target more relevant people to your update, which will in turn, drive a more targeted group of visitors to your blog! This is what you want. There is no need using a keyword like "Dog Collars" when your site is about soap, right? I think you get what I mean, use the right keyword that is relevant to your blog and post.

Step#3-Create Hashtags to Target The Traffic More

Another great way to drive traffic is to use hashtags in your social updates. If you have never used hashtags in your Twitter marketing strategy before, it's going to revolutionize the way your social marketing is presented to your fans. With a simple (#) before a targeted keyword, you give that word the power to be searched on Twitter. You can create hashtags out of anything really, and it's a good way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack when you find a certain hashtag that no one is using so you can tell people to follow you from that hashtag. It really is a solid way to drive traffic and keep followers interested.

Hashtags should be used in whatever niche your blog is about. For instance our blog is about social media, so therefore if I we're to post this article to Twitter, I would post this: The 3 Twitter #Marketing Steps That Drive Traffic In #SocialMedia . Notice that words are kept together. No spaces in hashtags that have more than one word. This is what keeps everything relevant and searchable to your fans or anyone else who happens to be searching for that particular keyword.

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