What is Postpartum Depression?

Mom20depressionAfter having a baby, many women have mood swings. One minute they feel happy, the next minute they start to cry. They may feel a little depressed, have a hard time concentrating, lose their appetite or find that they can’t sleep well even when the baby is asleep. These symptoms usually start about 3 to 4 days after delivery and may last several days.

If you’re a new mother and have any of these symptoms, you have what are called the “baby blues.” Baby blues are considered a normal part of early motherhood and usually go away within 10 days after delivery.

However, some women have worse symptoms or the symptoms last longer. This is called “postpartum depression.”

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a mood disorder that occurs in the first year after a woman gives birth. Up to 15% of women that have given birth experience PPD. Symptoms of PPD are similar to general depression, but with the added feelings and thoughts towards the baby. These feelings and thoughts may include, indifference towards the baby, excessive anxiety about the baby’s safety, disturbing visual “flashes” or thoughts about the baby’s safety, difficulty adjusting to life with baby.

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